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You Can Do Hard Things

I am going to be real with you.  Losing weight is HARD. All great stories requires the hero to overcome their greatest struggles and conquer inner demons.  

Your adventure will be no different. 

Join me in your next adventure to achieve the body of your dreams.

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Ready to lose weight and keep it off forever? 


Lead to Guild
3 Ways to Get Support


The Podcast

The Chris Terrell Podcast is a 5 star rated podcast all centered around helping you lose weight and keeping it off.  It's a great way to access teachings to help you achieve success on your quest.

New episodes are released every Friday. 


The Facebook Group

The FREE Facebook community is a place for like minded individuals to come together to help each other on their journey.  With almost 4,000 members in the group you will have no shortage of support.  

Chris goes Live in the group every Monday morning to kick off the week.


The Guild of Champions

The Guild is where all of my coaching programs live.  There is much to learn and I have much to teach you about how to lose weight and keep it off.  In the Guild you will find lessons and community.  Just because much of this journey will be done by yourself that doesn't mean you need to be alone.

Jodikekp, Podcast review

I have been a yo-yo dieter most of my life. Back in November 2021, I decided that I’m gonna do this one more time, for the last time. Then I discovered Chris on TikTok. I enjoy his content so much, that I sought him out on other sites. He has taught me so much about weight loss! His podcasts are so motivational! I love the fact that he has been there, he knows what I am going through. He keeps it real. He talks about so many things that I have dealt with. And honestly, he’s just fun to listen to. Thank you, Chris! I am down 82 pounds in 10 months to do.

Misty Gross, NV

It’s the best thing I have ever done for myself. Ever. The constant access to educational information - the relationships I have made to support me. It is invaluable. I am down 130 pounds today after listening to Chris, and trusting his guidance in the process. It has quite literally added years to my life.

Lisa Driver, MI

I just wanted to say I loved yesterday’s Guild Meeting Chris Terrell! I watched I took notes. A lot of thing hit home. I’ll rewatch it tonight. So much to absorb. Thank you so much that and the Guild. I feel confident that I can change my whole life and have the dream life I have always wanted. Including the dream body

My Mission

Free the world of 1,000,000 Pounds

With unwavering passion and purpose, I am on a mission to awaken the limitless potential within every individual to achieve lasting happiness through self-discovery, self-love, and a sustainable healthy lifestyle.


It is my belief that weight loss is a natural and permanent manifestation of this life-altering transformation. My mission is to ignite the fire within, to inspire and guide individuals as they courageously embrace their authentic selves, foster self-love, and create a fulfilling life.


You can lose the weight and keep it off forever.


Let's make it happen, together!

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