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The Chris Terrell Podcast

This is a weekly podcast devoted to sharing stories, tips, and suggestions around weight loss.  Available on all podcasting apps.  Click the button below to be taken to the podcast.

Weight Loss FB Group

Looking for other like minded people who are losing weight slowly, sustainably, and free of all shame?  Come check out the group.  

I post exclusive content here and will be hosting regular live streams.  

Weight Maintenance FB Group

A Facebook support group geared towards the maintenance phase of weight loss.

If you're looking for information and ideas to help you on that part of the weight loss journey then this is the place for you?


Tips for weight loss and my own personal vlog where I share more details about my own story of losing the weight and my continuing journey to keeping it off. 

Come check it out! 

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CTC Blog

Like to read? Well then my blog is the place for you.  Here you can find stories, articles, ideas, suggestions, and tips to help you along on your weight loss journey.

If you enjoy my free content please consider supporting I any way that you can at the link below.

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