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Payment for Services

I accept payment via several methods which are outlined below.  Pease submit payment at least 24 hours prior to our first session.

Payment for Services: Resources

Venmo Payments

My preferred method of payment is Venmo.  There are no fees associated with this payment method.  

To make a payment via Venmo please first send me a friend request.  My username is @christerrellcoaching. 

After payment I can send a confirmation.  If you are in need of a receipt for payment please let me know and one can be provided. 

PayPal Payments

If you are going to be issuing payments via PayPal you may do so.  

Paypal sometimes will issue holds to payments if you do not use it often.  If this happens I may reach out to you to help resolve the hold on the funds prior to our session.  

Click the button below to be taken to my PayPal page.

Credit Card Payments

If you are unable to use Venmo or PayPal I can send you an invoice that will contain a credit card payment option.  

There is a fee associated with payments made via credit card which you will be required to pay.  Currently it is approximately 3% of the total amount.  The exact amount will be displayed on the payment screen. 

If you are going to be paying via credit card please reach out to me via the form below to request an invoice. 

Payment for Services: Resources

Payment Support

Please fill out the form below for any payment questions or support needs.  Please allow up to 1 business day for a response.

Thanks for submitting!

Payment for Services: Support
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