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Losing Weight is Hard!!

Losing weight is hard right?  Weight loss can sometimes seem like you’ve been tasked to slay a dragon armed with a pencil and carboard body armor.  Or like you have been asked to climb a 20,000 foot mountain in a single step. 

It might seem like it’s impossible! Thankfully it’s not.  

It only appears to be impossible to you right now.

Before we go any farther, please allow me tell you a little about me and my own weight loss adventure story. 

Blank BackgroundGuild.jpg
Blank BackgroundGuild.jpg

About Me

My name is Chris Terrell, and in my own life, I did the up and down thing with my weight.  It was this repeating storyline where I would slowly but steadily gain weight for a long time.  I would eventually reach a point where I couldn’t take it anymore and at the moment of maximum frustration with my weight gain I would then go on some miserable diet trying desperately to get this weight off of my body and life as fast as I could.  


Unfortunately, the moment I would quit focusing on weight loss I would begin gain it back, and to add insult to injury, each time I gained the weight back I would gain a little bit more before I would try to lose weight again.  Rinse and repeat. 


If I am being honest with myself, I had begun to equate losing weight with failure and weight gain. 

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Does any part of this sound familiar?

If yes, just know you’re not alone.  There is nothing wrong with you.  You just haven’t found the right way yet.

However, you’re in luck, there is still time for you to conquer this!

Your mountain awaits you.  


This brings us to now. 

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Let me be your guide.

My name is Chris Terrell and I’ll be your guide along the journey that lies before you.  I’ve walked the journey that lays before you myself. I have completed my own hero quest and I would love the honor of helping you complete yours. 


On my 125 lbs weight loss adventure there were a plethora of pitfalls, tourist traps, unexpected plot twists, & even a time or two where I truly doubted if I was up to the task that lay before me.  I want to tell you about the journey and share with you what I learned to help you get to the end of your quest.

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Welcome To Your Quest

I now welcome to your quest.  

To your adventure.  

Yes, your life is indeed an adventure and you are the main character.

The protagonist.

The hero of your story and this is the beginning of your quest to discover and unleash the next level you. 


The journey that lies before you will be the most glorious time of your life, but it will not be easy.  You will need help.  You will need a support system of life minded people and helpful mentors to guide you along the way.  So much of this journey will be on your own but that doesn’t mean you have to be alone. 

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To help you along on your quest I have formed The Guild of Champions.  This is a collection of fellow travelers who are on their own weight loss adventure.  

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Guild Member Benefits

Being a guild member will grant you access to live group coaching sessions.  These are not live streams but are zoom meetings where you can ask questions and interact with me directly as we do hot seat coaching.  In this group coaching sessions you will also have lessons and information to help you along on your journey. 


Full immersion is crucial to success and so I will have a members only podcast as well to provide multiple episodes a week to give you a steady stream of content to help you stay focused on the quest that lies ahead of you.  


Of course, any quest has a library of knowledge where you can study and learn about the present moment struggles.  As a guild member you will have access to the repository of knowledge.  This includes courses, recorded coaching sessions, podcasts, book recommendations, and more. 


Now you might want to have some hyper focused 1:1 mentorship for your journey.  As a guild member you will have access to 1:1 mentorship sessions with Chris Terrell and he can help you find your way along on your weight loss adventure.  

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"Like many people, I first found Chris on TikTok.  I have dieted my entire life and never found success until I found Chris and was able to join his group coaching. I began coaching in February and am currently down 55 pounds, with another 50 to go. While the weightloss is amazing, what I think is even more important is how my mindset has changed. I never truly imagined I would be able to reach my goal weight, and for the first time ever I have the belief that I will. 


I owe this change to Chris and his amazing coaching program. Working with Chris has helped me to focus on my lifestyle, habits and routines in a way that I never have before. He helps me to question myself and confront my obstacles so that I can experience success. His coaching style is refreshing because he is knowledgeable, relatable, honest and living it.  I am looking forward to this new program and I am excited to be on this journey with Chris as my guide and coach."

Melissa Howard, The Final Pound





Are you ready to join the guild?


Click the button below. 

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