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About Chris Terrell

Weight Loss Coach

Guild Champion

Motivational Speaker

TikTok Influencer

Former "Big Guy"

My Story: Pro Gallery

About Me

My name is Chris Terrell and I’ll be your guide along the quest that lies before you.  

I’ve completed my own hero quest and am finally living in the body of my dreams and always continuing to build the life of my dreams as well.  My quest was the most rewarding and challenging experience of my life I would be honored to help you complete yours. 

On my own 125 lbs weight loss adventure there were a plethora of pitfalls, tourist traps, unexpected plot twists, & even a time or two where I truly doubted if I was up to the task that lay before me.  

I want to tell you about the journey and share with you what I learned to help you get to the end of your quest.

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I Know Your Story

Now let me teach YOU

How do I know? I've been in your shoes. I know the struggle you face. I have learned so many important lessons on my weight loss journey.

Now let me guide you on your own journey to the body and life of your dreams.

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