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Where To Begin...
Podcast Episodes

#1 The First 10 Steps of Your Weight Loss Journey

While there is never going to be a 100% foolproof plan for losing a lot of weight and keeping it off there is some solid first steps you can take no matter your current situation or needs.

In this weeks episode I will outline 10 steps a beginner can take to get started week 1 on their weight loss journey. If you’re already on your journey there is no worries! See if any of these steps were missed in your journey and begin working on them now! Never too late to improve!

#2 Stop Gaining Weight

In this episode I tell you a little about my weight loss journey of losing 105 lbs in 18 months.  

#3 Bonus Episode- Get Rid of the Bull in Your Head

I know that losing weight is hard.  I know that this is very scary.  You can do this.  If I could do it then you can do it too. 

#4 Knowledge is NOT Power

Have you ever found yourself saying something like “I know what I should be doing but I just don’t do it!” This is a common problem. You’re not alone in this. This is a common issue among the human race and it is something that must be overcome if weight loss is to be experienced. Without this essential element you will not be successful and I can say that with 100% certainty.

#5 I Hated Looking at Myself in the Mirror

Looking at the mirror caused me to feel discomfort. Looking in the mirror resulted in me feeling shame. So rather than deal with the shame I would just stop looking in the mirror. No sense in looking at the thing that brings me shame right? 
Then I kept looking in the mirror. And things changed.

Blank BackgroundGuild.jpg

The Guild of Champions is a collection of fellow travelers who are on their own weight loss adventure.  

The Guild is a place where you have access the community and tools you need to successfully complete your quest and achieve the body and life of your dreams!

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